3 Villa Rental Features To Enhance Your Villa Vacation

Renting a beachfront villa comes with a lot of perks for your vacation. As you plan the vacation, you first must choose what kind of villa you want to stay in. The villa selection you make can make a big difference in your stay and really enhance the experience for everyone who vacations with you.

Check out some of the best options to consider for your villa and the ways the different features can really enhance your vacation.

1. Sunrise and Sunset Directions

When you stay on a beachfront property, you will have the opportunity to see spectacular views of the sunrise or sunset. As you research a private luxury beachfront villa rental, try to figure out which direction the villa faces. Once you the direction it faces, you can plan to sit, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous views.

For example, if your villa faces the east for the sunrise, then you can wake up earlier to enjoy the sun as it peeks up over the water. If your villa faces the west for the sunset, then you can plan your dinner meals and activities around the sunset so you can sit at your private villa and really take in the unique colors and views.

2. Outdoor Showers

An outdoor shower may seem like a small feature, but it could make a big difference in your stay at a villa. An outdoor shower provides an ideal way to rinse off after a beach trip. You could easily wash away sand and water instead of having to go into your villa and worry about getting sand everywhere.

An outdoor shower can still provide privacy with large walls and doors that close the space off to others. An outdoor shower can become part of your regular routine, especially in areas with high heat and humidity.

3. Mountainside Villa

A beachfront villa doesn't need to be located on the same level as the beach. You could rent a mountainside villa that sits higher up on the hills and still faces the beach. The height of the villa will give you more privacy and make the views even better. For example, you may rent a villa with an infinity pool that looks out over the ocean.

Even if your villa sits higher up on a mountain, you will still get beach access through the use of staircases. Easily make your way down to the beach when needed and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Keep all of these options in mind as you plan your travels and seek an escape in a private beach villa. If you are traveling abroad, consider a private beachfront Puerto Vallarta villa rental.

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